About us

In the shadow of Utrecht lies Kamerik, a small farmer village in the center of The Netherlands. Erwin, Remco, Mareijn en Nander, are four cousins and have all been raised in this small town in the Dutch Green Heart.  

From this small village, they started to travel the world and explore new cultures and countries. Together, their travels covered large parts of the world. Erwin drove thousands of kilometers through Australia and New-Zealand, Remco travelled to the Inca remains in Peru, Mareijn hiked through the rugged mountains of Nepal and Nander drove the highest motorable road of the world in the Indian Himalayas.   

In 2017, Mareijn and Nander, did their first motorbike trip together. They drove endless kilometers through inlands of Myanmar, passing beautiful mountains, amazing villages and dazzling ricefields. During their trip, they started talking about their ultimate dream: Driving a motorbike from Kamerik to Capetown, South Africa. 

 In 2018 and 2019 the dream developed into a solid plan. Adventurous cousins Remco and Erwin shared the same dream and so the preparations started!