The Motorbikes

In the beginning of 2015, Nander bought a classic 1993 Honda Transalp 600. The Honda Transalp was introduced 1987 and is a very reliable Japanese motorbike. The transalp is characterized by its trusty V-Twin engine and the design was inspired by Paris-Dakar. The motor is practical and relaxed. Maintenance is ‘easy to learn’, this makes the bike ideal for adventurous trips. 

The Transalp 600’s should be ideal for a mix of roads, unpaved roads, dessert and adventure. That is why Mareijn, Erwin and Remco decided to go for a Transalp as well. Together we will be the Transalp Nomads! We love to go on adventure, cross unexplored roads, go off the beaten track, as true nomads. That is why we call ourself Transalp Nomads!